Day-to-Night Transition: Minimalist Eye Makeup for Effortless Style


Eye makeup leaves a mesmerising impact on everyone at the very first glance. Even the bare minimum of eye makeup draws people’s attention. A swipe of kajal on your lower waterline or a thick line smudged on your upper lid does the magic for you. Among many Eye Makeup looks, minimalist makeup is an upcoming trend that has already been adorned by many for its simplistic and natural look. This elegant and chic look requires minimum steps and effort but demands high precision in execution for a sleek and sophisticated look. 

Another thing that adds to the requirements of this look is the makeup you use. Always go for pigments with high payoff because they give an accurate colour impact with the least amount. Look for features like super-fine powders that provide a smooth feeling, easy blending, and full coverage. The super-fine powder creates a seamless finish and is gentle on the skin. Another feature to look for is long-lasting colours and fade resistance. Features like these help you create the best look with minimum effort. The broad colour palette of eyeshadows for the eye look makeup by Lotus Herbals includes these features. What makes these eyeshadows stand out is the inclusion of gentle herbal ingredients on your skin, supporting it to stay healthy, youthful, and naturally radiant.  

With every detail in your hand, let’s create the look effortlessly to make you steal the limelight.

Step 1: Apply an eye primer

The basics of every makeup start with primer application, and eye makeup is no exception. An eye primer is crucial to keep your eye makeup in place for a long time. Eye primer gives the base to the eyeshadow to adhere to and prevents the makeup from falling off. 

For a simplified process, use eyeshadows infused with eye primer. It will benefit you from both products in one and reduce your efforts, saving you some time. Apply primer-infused eyeshadow directly and create the best look ever.

Step 2: Blending brushes

Choosing the right blending brushes is essential for applying any makeup. The brushes help you achieve the desired look with a seamless finish. For minimal eye makeup, choose a small-to-medium brush and a smudger brush to blend the shades. If you do not have a smudger, don’t worry; simply use your fingertips to gently blend the eye shadow, though the precision and finish of a smudger are incomparable. 

Step 3: Apply eyeshadow (for day look)

For a minimal look, the key is to keep it natural, enhancing your natural beauty. For this look, nude shades suit the best. Take a nude brown or pink from the eyeshadow palette, doing your skin tone and look you want to achieve. Add a dash of your high payoff colour in the brush on the eyelid. This is what is required for the minimalist day. Look at this step. Keep it subtle, just like many celebrities’ bridal eye makeup. 

Step 4: Transition eyeshadow (for night look)

Now, apply a darker shade darker than the one you picked in the previous step to the outer area. Blend it using soft and small strokes as you move outwards, creating an illusion of smokey eye makeup. The soft and gentle strokes do not form brush lines on the pigments while blending. 

Step 5: Apply kohl (for day look)

Kohl is the fundamental eye makeup, yet quite impactful, of every girl for her daily eye makeup look. For your daytime look, keep it subtle by applying black kohl on your lower waterline, sleek or thick, depending on your choice. If you are going for a wide application, smudge it for a softer look. 

Step 6: Transition kohl (for night look)

Start with adding medium brown, grey, or black into the brush. Take a small quantity and apply a minimum following your lower lash line. Now, use a sleek line of kohl on your lower waterline. To intensify the look, put a thick line of the kohl and bled it well. 

Step 7: Apply eyeliner

Eye makeup is incomplete without an eyeliner. Thick, thin, winged, or extended, you can never go wrong with the eyeliner, so don’t overthink. Take a black eyeliner and draw a sleek line on the upper lash line, extending it towards the temple to create a wing and viola! There you are, adoring your look. This or any other eyeliner will look good for the nighttime.

Step 8: Apply mascara

The last step of the eye makeup look is to use a volumiser mascara. It gives a definition and volume to your eyelashes, giving a complete look to your eyes. For your day look, mascara could be an option, but night makeup is a must, though we insist on wearing it both times. Take mascara and apply it on your eyelashes in an upward direction, curling them up. Repeat as required.

Here is the complete guide for a day-to-night look. Where daytime asks for a more subtle look, night looks can go more dramatic. Enjoy the minimalist Eye Makeup Looks with little effort and more significant impact!

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