How To Decorate Your Home with Gold and Orange Tiles

Orange and gold tiles offer a luxurious and vibrant aesthetic that can add character to any room. From accent pieces to full-scale redesigns, here’s how to decorate your home with gold and orange tiles.

Choosing the Perfect Gold and Orange Shades for Your Space

Selecting the ideal gold and orange tiles for your space requires careful attention. It also requires an awareness of the room’s purpose and desired ambiance. Before making a decision, it’s important to consider the following factors.

Consider Personal Preferences 

Of course, personal taste should always be top of mind. You should begin by considering the type of colors that you adore. 

Do you have an immediate connection to sunlit golds that come alive with light? Or do you gravitate towards the more earthy feel of rusty or burnt orange? 

The emotional response to these colors is most significant. Why?  Gold represents grandeur and opulence, while orange is known for providing a surge of energy and creativity. 

What’s the Room’s Purpose?

It’s also important to consider the purpose of the space. If you install tile in a bathroom, will it be a serene, spa-like space with soft gold accents and warmer hues? Or will it be a bold office space that craves brighter orange and yellows? This answer will guide your decision for tile design. 

When in doubt, you can use gold and orange tiles together to create an uplifting and luxurious design!

Choosing the Right Type of Gold and Orange Tiles

Materials, shapes, and finishes are at the core of the tile selection process.


Gold and orange tiles are available in a variety of materials, let’s go through the top options now.

  • Ceramic or porcelain: These materials are timeless and durable options, perfect for those seeking long-lasting beauty in their tile choices.
  • Glass: Glass tiles add a luminous quality to any space, reflecting light and enhancing the room’s brightness.
  • Mirror: Mirror tiles reflect light, creating a sense of expansiveness and adding depth to the space.

TIle Shapes and Finishes

The shape and finish of your tiles can define the overall design. 

For instance, sleek gold subway tiles can be an excellent choice if you’re aiming for a contemporary aesthetic. These tiles offer a modern, clean look that can enhance the overall contemporary feel of a space​​.

Selecting orange mosaic tiles is a great way to add texture and optical interest to a room. These tiles can create a dynamic, eye-catching effect. This makes them perfect for areas where you want to draw attention or add a playful touch​​.

Gold ceramic tiles with a polished finish are a superb choice for those seeking classic elegance. The polished finish adds a refined touch, bringing a sense of timeless sophistication to any space. This option is ideal for creating an atmosphere of luxury and grace​​.

Tile Sizes 

The size of your tile will relate to the room’s size. If you have a smaller living room, for instance, consider using large-format gold floor tiles. These will create an expansiveness, and add a touch of glamour. If you are decorating a powder room, an orange glass mosaic tile can work wonderfully as a wall design. You see, knowing the space and then finding the tile is how you will succeed.

Ready to Use Orange and Gold Tiles in Your Design?

In the end, how you choose gold and orange tiles will come down to your personal tastes and room requirements. You can use these tiles in a complementary way or choose one rather than the other. 

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