Ladies, Keep Your Face Youthful and Gorgeous Hassle-free with Microneedling!

Men have started paying attention to their looks, but women have always been more careful about how they look and feel. Studies indicate that most women notice the onset of accelerated aging signs from their 30s to 50s. Hormones often play a significant role in this, from the time of childbirth to menopause. However, accepting skin and body changes becomes difficult. They worry more about the face, something everyone scans in their first meeting. It makes them insecure. Various cosmetic treatments are accessible today, from Botox to facelifts and microneedling. Microneedling is a relatively recent discovery in the skin and beauty market. 

If you search for microneedling San Marcos, you will find that this therapy boosts blood circulation and collagen & elastin production through fine needles. During the process, facial skin experiences micro-traumas but quickly heals from them. Let’s delve into this cosmetic treatment for a better idea.

Overview of microneedling

This minor invasive procedure addresses dark spots, scars, acne, wrinkles, and other facial skin issues by inducing collagen growth. Skin specialists use tiny sterilized needles to puncture the surface lightly. As the skin recovers from the trauma caused by poking, the sign of blemishes and other unwanted facial conditions improves, with the skin looking more elastic. Some studies show this treatment’s ability to stimulate hair growth in alopecia patients. Because it is more affordable than laser treatments, some people favor it. For safety reasons also, people with dark skin tones lean on microneedling over the laser. 

Function and side effects of microneedling

Tiny pricks from microneedling injure the skin a little, enabling it to respond to the effect by creating collagen-rich tissue. The new skin tissues look even toned and better textured. Due to extra collagen production, skin also becomes firm. Some med spa experts can combine this procedure with platelet-rich plasma and other therapies based on an individual’s cosmetic requirements and budget. Like any other procedure, this skin treatment also has some risks, of which skin irritation is most common. Skin can appear red for a few days.

Sometimes, it can lead to peeling, infection, bleeding, and bruising. Patients suffering from eczema, psoriasis, active acne, wounds, and others may not be the best candidates for this procedure. If you recently took radiation therapy or have a history of scarred skin, it may not suit you. Nevertheless, only an expert can direct you properly in these matters.

Preparation for microneedling procedure

Before starting this treatment, a skin specialist may ask you to avoid taking ibuprofen, Accutane, and other medications. You can also not use specific topical solutions to prevent skin sensitivity risks. Microneedling can take about two hours to complete. 45 to 60 minutes go into applying topical anesthetic for numbing the target area. The med spa professional can prick your skin with a pen-like appliance with sterilized needles during the treatment. The pinpricks will be so tiny that no one can spot them. Finally, they can put a calming agent or growth serum. 

Skin does reasonably well after the procedure, which is much more comfortable and easier than plastic surgery. You can recover rapidly. However, signs of redness and irritation can appear initially as a reaction to injuries. But it’s normal. Once you feel alright, you can get back to work or other schedules. However, there can be some sensitivity due to the sun. Wearing sunscreen can be better for this. Exposure to makeup and other elements should wait.

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